Video plays an important part in our day to day life whether at home or work, for entertainment, or education. Using video to deliver information is a time tested teaching and marketing strategy.

Video production today, while still not simple, is much easier and less expensive than decades past, and every organization of any size can develop engaging and entertaining videos that tell their story, market their products, and educate their customers or employees.

I’ve had the opportunity to produce several videos for my employers, friends and myself. Expand items below to view some of them.

Headset Plugin

‘Deuce and the Happy Face’ was a fun and informative video I was asked to develop to inform call center staff about engaging their Plantronics professional headset to their desktop computer. This video was intended to be silent because without the headset the users system may not have sound capabilities.


Video – small personal digital camera

Art – Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Captivate animation

Audio – no Audio

Production – Adobe Captivate